Peekaboo Masks

Peekaboo "Red, Red Wine" Non-Medical Mask with Comfort Liner


Non-Medical Face Masks Reimagined for Style & Comfort

Peekaboo Non-Medical Face Masks are handmade in South Florida. They feature unique and limited designs. Our non-medical masks are breathable, reusable, and extremely comfortable. Peekaboo is meant to be worn with pride, and hopefully, will brighten someone’s day!

Peekaboo Non-Medical Face Masks are composed of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex. Our non-medical face masks are now finished with a Comfort Liner sewn on the inside.

Note: Every non-medical face mask is hand finished and may vary slightly from images shown. No health or safety guarantees or warranties of any kind are either expressed or implied. 


 What People Are Saying!


 “Thanks for creating a comfortable mask, they are super breathable and soft, and kudos for making them in Florida.”

— Phyllis from Jacksonville, FL


“As essential workers and responsible adults, we wear masks daily. What a great product linked to a great charity. Thanks for the fine workmanship!
Stay safe!”

— Elizabeth from Palm Beach, FL


“I purchased one of your masks from Whole Foods, and absolutely love it. The material is a tightly woven fabric and very comfortable.  Thank you!”

— Rudy from Destin, FL

“While visiting Florida last week I picked up a bunch of your masks, I think you have a big-time hit with these……Very comfortable to wear all day…..”

— Tommy from Metairie, LA